All of the information and photos on this website are published in good faith and for general purposes only. Rock and wood products are all natural, therefore variations can occur from the actual pictures shown on this website. We strongly suggest that you visit our location to choose materials to be purchased.

Cement Sand

Used to make concrete, also used in our cactus soil mixes.

Angel Mix

Brick dust material used on baseball infields.

Plaster Sand

Fine grade sand, great for masonry work.

Fill Sand

Fine sand for shading pipes, under pavers, or under swimming pools. This is used in some of our soil mixes.

3/8 Pre Mix

Sand and gravel mix for making concrete.

Playground Sand

Clean playground sand. Also used for golf courses.

1/2 Pre Mix

1/2 inch Pre-Mix can be used for footings or a driveway. A little stronger than the 3/8 pre-mix.

Class 2 Base

This is used under concrete when you have expansive soil, also good for putting under artificial grass. Very compact-able.

Pea Gravel

3/8 Pea Gravel. Great for driveways, walkways, dog runs or an area where you may be walking barefoot.

1 1/2″ Rock

Standard rock for filling and ground cover.

Recycled Rock

Bulk recycled rock, excellent for filling.


Check out these videos of our sand and gravel products for a better look at what we offer!