All of the information and photos on this website are published in good faith and for general purposes only. Rock and wood products are all natural, therefore variations can occur from the actual pictures shown on this website. We strongly suggest that you visit our location to choose materials to be purchased.

Decomposed Granite or DG for short is a perfect material to build pathways or walkways. It is easy to work with, has a low coefficient of friction, and is resistant to corrosion.

Decomposed Granite does not naturally come with a stabilizer, which is a material that binds the DG together and prevents erosion. We offer DG with a stabilizer added, which helps to keep the DG together, makes it grittier for better foot traction, and prevents erosion. If you are looking for an excellent, cost-effective pathway material, our Stabilized Decomposed Granite products are a great choice.


A compactable material which can be used in horse stalls, under artificial grass, or as a walkway.


This crushed slate makes a great ground cover or walkway

Palm Springs Gold CGC

This crushed palm springs gold makes a great ground cover or walkway

Stabilized Pyrite Gold DG

Compactible Pyrite Gold Decomposed Granite with stabilizer.

Pyrite Gold DG

Compactible Pyrite Gold Decomposed Granite without stabilizer.

Pacific Decomposed Granite

A compactable material used for a desert landscaping look, or for pathways.

Stabilized Pacific DG

Stabilized variant of the Pacific decomposed granite, best used when you have an area that needs a solid foundation like walkways and driveways or hardscapes.