All of the information and photos on this website are published in good faith and for general purposes only. Rock and wood products are all natural, therefore variations can occur from the actual pictures shown on this website. We strongly suggest that you visit our location to choose materials to be purchased.

Chicken Manure

Chicken Manure to be used for composting and fertilizer.

Cow Manure

Cow Manure to be used for composting and fertilizer, or as a seed topper as well.

Fir Pine Mixed Shavings

Used in soil mixes to add nitrogen and for bare root plants such as roses.

Composted Fir Bark

Pre-composted fir bark for making a custom soil mix.

Aged Shavings

A redwood nitrolized shaving used in soil mixing, or as a soil amendment in areas where animal waste is not allowed.

Redwood Shavings

From northern California and Washington, good for composting and soil mixtures.

Rotoilling Mulch

Wood shavings and horse manure compost. Perfect for rototilling into clay or sandy soils to help hold moisture.

Planter Mix

Planter Mix or seed topper, put a thin layer over grass seed to keep birds and animals away and hold moisture.


Check out these videos of our sand and gravel products for a better look at what we offer!