Legend has it that Olin rode here on the front fender of a model T, holding a 22 and picking off squirrels, on the ride to California from Arkansas. The yard started off not only as a home but as a working farm. Olin always enjoyed working on dairies milking cows, until one dairyman gave him an idea and a chance. He asked if he would clear out the manure from his cow paddocks and take it somewhere else, he just needed a truck. Olin went to the local bank and got a loan for $350.00 to purchase the truck. And with his new truck, he spent his days cleaning cow paddocks and then trucking the manure up to the orange groves in the foothills which is now Ontario, Chino, Upland and Cucamonga and that is the birth of our company known as O. F. Wolfinbarger.

Olin and his wife Jessie had seven children, Olin Jr., Gene, Jack, Jerry, Janalee, James and Judy. While growing up everyone helped out in some way at the yard, but the three that headed up the second generation were Jack, Jerry and James

At that time the business was hauling manure, hay and potatoes when the county of San Bernardino approached the family about hauling top soil out of the flood control basins. They started to accumulate quite a stock pile of soil and that’s when the dairymen approached them with yet another direction to grow. They needed to fill in those paddocks that were being cleaned out with topsoil and decomposed granite. Around the same time the communities for our little valley here kept growing and in doing so kept moving up into the foothills which as you can guess didn’t have the best planting soil. Well we had the raw materials, tractors for mixing and the trucks to haul it and once again our family realized the opportunity it was given and the soil mixing part of our business was born.

Jerry Junior, Randy and Bobby, the third generation, grew up working with grandpa Olin and their dad Jerry. Learning all aspects of the business, they were the next three to carry on the company. With changing times and economy growth needs changed for homeowners, landscapers, contractors, and nurseries

Custom soil mixing was the main aspect of our business, it made us stand out from our competition as we could make and design soil mixes for whatever the needs of a job might be, such as light weight soil mixes for planting on roof top gardens and parking structures, seedling and cuttings, cycad and cactus, bio media, and vegetable gardens in the ground as well as containers. Randy recalls having ten different nursery mixes out on the mixing pad at one time. Also, the needs of our customers helped us with the decision to carry a wide variety of decorative rock and bark as well as sand and gravel and many other landscape materials. The volume of soil mixes have increased as we are shipping hundreds of yards weekly to our commercial customers as well as homeowners. We also have many varieties of soils in stock at all times here in the yard, but if your needs are a little more specific the staff in the office would be happy to walk you through the process of choosing or creating a soil suited for your needs.

Today David, Steven and Dustin, our fourth generation, are working hard to provide quality products and service to you for the next 90 years.

5 star ratingThis is a family run business with long ties to the local area. They know what is needed for your project, large or small. They are always willing to help you with any questions you might have. They deliver or they help you load your order. Prices are very fair and the advice is always free. Good people there !

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