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Bulk Material Means You Save. We have a large variety of high quality materials in stock at reasonable prices.
Family owned and operated for over 94 years, and working toward another 94!

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5 star ratingGreat service and products. It was my first time buying bulk soil and looking at all their other products I can see I will be a long time customer. Next up: Playground Sand sold to build the kid a sandbox.
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Vincent S. Avatar
Vincent S.
Jan 2015
5 star ratingGreat experience with Wolfinbarger! They have bales and bales of houseplant and succulent media like pumice, peat moss, and perlite. I came in to buy only two bags, but ended up getting 6+ bags of each because of their competitive prices! People who in the front office were nice and answered all my questions. Guys worked there helped me load the bags and were polite. Overall great customer service. They accept credit cards and wore masks during my visit.
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Jayson C. Avatar
Jayson C.
Oct 2020
5 star ratingIf you are looking for garden materials, various kind of soil , pebbles and garden stones( various colors)garden stone images, and sand this is the best place to buy. Very good pricing and you can buy in sacks or by truck size. Just bring a car or truck depending on the amount of stuffs you're buying.
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Cyril T.
Feb 2023