Mulch Mix Top Soil (70% clean soil w/ 30% mulch for lawns or slopes Plain Top Soil-screened top soil/no amendments for filling and leveling. Special Mix (50% soil & 50% planter mix for vegetable/planter beds) Planter Mix (topper for grass seed or to mix with soil while planting) Nutrient Mix with Peat & Perlite (indoor potting mix).Nutrient Mix with Shavings (outdoor container mix for potting)...  Sunset Red Woodchip  Gorilla Hair (Shredded Redwood or Cedar Bark)  3/8" Mini Bark   Fiber Play (Playground Wood Chip) . Walk-On Bark - For Pathways  Jumbo Bark - 3" - 6" Nugget      Medium Bark - 2" Nugget  Small Bark - 1" Nugget0 Coarse Wood Chip (2" Minus) OR (4" Minus)Forest Humus Bark - 1/8"  Forest Blend (Wood Chip) .SHREDDED CEDAR MULCH Redwood Shavings  Fir & Pine Mix ShavingsGreen Waste (Fine Composted)   AGED SHAVINGS
Burgundy Cinders  3/4" Black Cinders California Gold Rock  Palm Springs Gold Rock las vegas pinkSand Pebbles   Sunset Pebbles - 1/4", 3/8", 1/2"    Mexican Pebbles Rock (1/4"- 1/2"), (1/2" - 1"), (1" - 2"), (2" - 3")  Arizona River Rock (3/8"), (3/4") OR (1 1/2")  Fill Sand (For Under Pavers and Concrete Foundations)   Pea Gravel 3/8"    1 1/2" Rock (Leach Lines)  1" Rock (Driveways)  santa fe sunrise White Rock   Cement Sand (Coarse Sand)   
Plaster Sand (Plastering, Stucco Work, & Sand Boxes)  Pre-Mix (Rock & Cement Sand Mixed - 3/8" Rock )  Pre-Mix (Rock & Cement Sand Mixed - 1/2" Rock ) Class 2 Base (For compaction under pavers or concrete)  Decomposed Granite - Tan (Filling Horse Stalls) Decomposed Granite - Red (For Walkway's)  Pumice   Nutrient Mix with Peat & Perlite (indoor potting mix)   Angel Mix (For Baseball Fields and Pitching Mounds)  Green Container Mix^Outdoor container mix for potting)   Fill Dirt (for fill) Not Clean - Mixed Rock and Dirt     Cow Manure (top dressing over grass seed or amending the soil)   Fill Dirt-Screened (screened to 1" minus rock)    I. E. R. C. A. Compost (Fine)    10.00 20.00 Mulch (amending & rototilling)
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     Mulch Mix Top Soil
           Plain Top Soil
          Special Mix
          Planter Mix
  Nutrient Mix
  With Shavings
       Nutrient Mix With                 Peat Perlite  
Walk-On Bark     
           Fiber Play
  3/8" Mini Bark     
          Gorilla Hair
  Sunset Red
  Wood Chip     
  Jumbo Bark     
  Medium Bark - 2" Nugget
  Small Bark - 1" Nugget   
     Coarse Wood Chip
    Forest Humus Bark 
  Forest Blend (Wood Chip)  
       Shredded Cedar          
      Burgundy Cinders
       Aged Shavings

        Green Waste
  Fir & Pine Mix Shavings   
     Redwood Shavings
    Arizona River Rock
      Mexican Pebbles
       Sunset Pebbles
      Madera Pebbles
        Sand Pebbles
      Las Vegas Pink
    Palm Springs Gold
    California Gold Rock
          1" Rock
            Fill Sand
         1 1/2" Rock
         Pea Gravel
    3/4" Crushed Gravel
       Class 2 Base
      Decomposed Granite                      Tan
        Plaster Sand
        Cement Sand
       White Rock
        Santa Fe Red
      Santa Fe Sunrise
         Cow Manure
              Fill Dirt
            Pre-Mix 1/2
         Pre-Mix  3/4
    Green Container Mix
          Angel Mix
      Nutrient Mix with                  Peat & Perlite
       Fill Dirt-Screened
              Mulch                     amending & rototilling   
       Aged Shavings
           3/4" Black Cinders
       Decomposed Granite -                   Red
         I. E. R. C. A.                    Compost (Fine)
              Mulch                     Amending & Rototilling   
              0-1/4                        Composted Fir Bark
        Cactus Mix      
         Chino Chip            
         Citrus Chip              
          Pyrite Gold                   Decomposed Granite            
    1-1/2   Pyrite Gold          
      3/4  Pyrite Gold    
       Playground Sand   
       Palm Springs
           gold dg     
       Midnight Black
          wood chip                  
        Recycled  Rock        
          Veggie Mix        
        Red Cinders   3/4       
       Marathon Seed            
     Perlite & Vermiculite                
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